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220 resistor
51 diode
37 capacitor
34 inductor
18 pcb
10 audio
10 lamp
8 heatsink
7 tube
5 cable
5 terminal
4 transistor
3 fuse
3 varistor
3 antenna
3 video
1 switch
1 bnc
1 filter
1 triac
1 grommet
1 rf
1 ferrite
1 scr

FM Wireless Mic electroic kit 88-108MHz

FM Wireless Mic electroic kit 88-108MHz
Price: $3
In stock: 100
partno: kit-fm-mic

FM Wireless microphone kit. Transmits mono FM from 88-108MHz. Batteries not included.

Brand: Tech America
MPN: 990-0191
Category: pcb
Subcategory: kit
Weight: 1.5 oz
Condition: new old stock
Additional Description: Theory of operation the FM Mic Kit consists of two stages. The first stage uses a 3.3kohm resistor to bias the microphone. A 0.1 microfarad capacitor isolates the microphone from the base voltage of the transistor allowing only AC signals to pass. The second stage consists of a BC547 transistor a coil a variable capacitor and a 470ohm resistor which form an oscillator circuit. The oscillated frequency can be adjusted by the variable cap from 88 to 108MHz