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LM3086N National Semiconductor Transistor Array

LM3086N National Semiconductor Transistor Array
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The LM3086 consists of five general purpose silicon NPN transistors on a common monolithic substrate.
Two of the transistors are internally connected to form a differentially-connected pair.
The transistors are well suited to a wide variety of applications in low power system in the DC through VHF range.
They may be used as discrete transistors in conventional circuits however, in addition, they provide the very significant inherent integrated circuit advantages of close electrical and thermal matching.
The LM3086 is electrically identical to the LM3045, but supplied in a 14-lead molded dual-in-line package for applications requiring only a limited temperature range.
* Two matched pairs of transistors VBE matched ±5 mV Input offset current 2 mA max at IC e 1 mA
* Five general purpose monolithic transistors
* Operation from DC to 120 Mhz
* Wide operating current range
* Low noise figure 3.2 dB typ at 1 kHz
* General use in all types of signal processing systems operating anywhere in the frequency range from DC to VHF
* Custom designed differential amplifiers
* Temperature compensated amplifiers

Brand: National Semiconductor
MPN: LM3086N
Category: transistor
Package Type: DIP-14
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Datasheet: LM3086.pdf